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Our Geeks are here to help.

At ComputerService.Sg, our Geeks have encountered plenty of I.T. related issues in a wide variety of situations and understand how frustrating they can be for end-users.

In addition to desktop support, their expertise spans across various fields including but not limited to servers, networking, I.T. hardware and software. When a support request is received, it will be passed on to the correct Geek to provide sound solutions promptly.

Getting the right advice.

Consultation: The average consumer doesn’t understand the industry lingo and technical jargons. Most sales persons are concerned with selling the highest value or profit items rather than recommending the correct tools that best fits the customer’s needs. This makes coming up with proper purchase decisions difficult.
You can tap on our highly experienced Geeks to help decide on the right tools to buy and when to get them.

Get Organised.

Asset audits: Once engaged, our Geeks will conduct an on-site visit to document your hardware and software inventory.

Systems documentation: By documenting your hardware setups, our Geeks will assist you in ensuring that your infrastructure is up to the task of getting the job done.

Software licensing compliance: Most users are unaware of expiry on software license subscriptions and the exact numbers they have in inventory. As a result, many will spend unnecessary monies on duplicate purchases or fall short – leading to potential legal issues. At ComputerService.Sg, our Geeks will help you keep track of your software inventory and ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Proactive maintenance.

As part of our I.T. maintenance packages, we offer periodic on-site preventive maintenance services. This allows our Geeks to check for problems that do not present themselves immediately and can potentially cause catastrophic failures within your I.T. infrastructure.

Friendly: Our friendly Geeks coming on-site on a periodic basis allows end-users to get accustomed to having them help resolve issues. Users are more likely to report any issues, however minor, to our Geeks when they wouldn’t normally do so for fear of ridicule/ blame from their colleagues.

System health checks: Our Geeks are armed with the expertise and tools to perform pre-failure analysis of your systems that are typically hidden from view of the end-user. Common issues found include failing hard disk drives and system memory issues.

Fighting Malware: The current generation of malware have gotten very skilled at evading anti-virus/ anti-malware suites. During the preventive maintenance trips, our Geeks will look out for these signs and help eliminate the offenders before they cause any widespread problems.

Improving Security: Many users do not realize it when their systems fail to implement crucial system security update, anti-virus definition updates and license expiry. Our Geeks will check for such issues that have fallen through the cracks and correct them.

Support on demand.

Phone Support: Our support hotlines are open during office hours (10.00am to 6.00pm on weekdays excluding Public Holidays). Feel free to call us if you encounter any I.T. issues.

Email/ WhatsApp Helpdesk: For non-urgent cases and when issues arise after office hours, you can email or WhatsApp us. This is highly recommended in situations where pictures or attachments can be provided to better explain the situation you are in.

Remote Support: We can set up secured remote-access to your computer systems that allows us to troubleshoot problems. Most non-network related issues can be resolved in this manner and removes the penalty of travel time for a prompt resolution.

Ordering a Geek-to-Go: As and when required, our Geeks can travel on-site to provide ad-hoc support when the problem(s) cannot be resolved by the aforementioned avenues.

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