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Gathering of the Geeks!

After functioning as independent contractors for over a decade, our Geeks gathered in 2009 to register a business and pool our expertise together so that we can better serve customers. Since then, we have built a reputation as a business providing quality I.T. Products and Services and progressed to incorporating a company in 2012 to better serve corporate customers.

We are users too!

All of our Geeks at ComputerService.Sg are users of I.T. tools as well. We understand how frustrating it is when I.T. tools do not work as they should. Our belief is that I.T. support should improve the user’s experience with technology and not just about servicing machines. Our aim is to make IT easy.

We don’t do hit-and-run business.

Even the best and most expensive machines do fail and suffer from wear and tear. This applies to I.T. infrastructure as well. That is why our Geeks will only recommend and implement hardware that is tested and proven for reliability rather than being sticklers for price. Along with the strict service standards we put in place, customers can be assured of an optimal long-term working experience with us.


Peplink Certified Sales Specialist  



Tyco Electronics AMP NetConnect Authorised Designer & Installer

WTF Technology PTE LTD distributes the World leading brand of Specialty ESD-Safe Vacuum Cleaners & Blowers in 23 countries around Asia and Middle-East.

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