企业现场 IT 服务

WTF Technology Services has been providing Professional I.T. Support and Services since 1999 that are affordable for both small businesses and individual customers.

We try our best to balance between the need to hire competent engineers to provide high quality services and operating a sustainable business that makes enough money to cover our expenses so that we can always be here to see to your IT needs.

WTF 技术服务 一直在提供专业 I.T. 自1999 年以来的支持和服务,无论是小型企业还是个人客户都可以负担得起。

我们会尽力在聘请合格的工程师提供高质量服务和经营可持续业务(需要赚钱来支付我们的费用)之间取得平衡,以便我们始终可以满足您的 IT 需求。

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Got a question for us?

Book An Appointment! 与我们预约!

Need Service & Repairs?

Got A Question? Contact Us! 联系我们!

Got a question for us?

How do our Services Work?


Contact Us 联系我们

For fastest service to your questions and appointment availability, please contact us via WhatsApp Messenger at

为了以最快的速度解决您的问题和预约时间,请通过 WhatsApp 联系我们,网址为。

Before we visit your home 在我们拜访您的家之前


  • We will first contact you to have a better idea of what problem(s) you are facing.
  • We will then provide a cost estimation based on the problem you have described to us for you to have an accurate idea on cost.
  • An on-site appointment slot will be confirmed for you. On-site service time slots are subject to availability on a first confirmed, first reserved basis.
  • Due to the high number of “no-show” / “late cancellation” / “late reschedule” (less than 24 hours before appointment) cases, a pre-payment of S$20 is applicable to secure your appointment slot, payable in advance via PayNow or GrabPay. This amount will be offset from your on-site service fees after service is rendered. Late cancellations & rescheduling results in lost man-hours and income for WTF Technology Services. It also delays service for other customers for appointment slots. We thank you for being understanding.


  • 我们将首先与您联系,以更好地了解您面临的问题。
  • 然后,我们将根据您向我们描述的问题提供成本估算,以使您对成本有所了解。
  • 将为您确认现场预约空档。 现场服务时段视情况而定,先确认后保留。
  • 由于“未出现” /“取消晚宴” /“重新安排晚宴”的时间很多(在预约前不到24小时),因此需要预先支付20新元以确保您的预约时间,请提前通过 PayNow或GrabPay。 提供服务后,该金额将从您的现场服务费用中抵消。 延迟取消和重新安排时间会浪费WTF技术服务的工时和收入。 它还会延迟为其他客户提供预约空档的服务。 感谢您的谅解。
When we visit your home 当我们拜访您的家

We will proceed to rectify your reported issue in the shortest time possible. The time taken to rectify your issue will depend on a few factors: 

  • Speed of your equipment: If your equipment is responding very slowly, it will take more time for us to rectify your issue. 
  • Seriousness of the issue: Serious problems like large numbers of viruses, malware will require more time and work to rectify. 
  • Condition of hardware: If your hardware is showing signs of failing, it may take more time for us to rectify the problem as we often have to perform the same task multiple times for it to work. 

If our engineer determines that the problem will take a long time to resolve, we may suggest that we take your faulty device back to our main office where we have an array of test equipment for further troubleshooting and repairs and also to keep our fees charged reasonable. 


我们将在最短的时间内着手纠正您报告的问题。 解决问题所需的时间取决于以下几个因素:

  • 设备的速度:如果您的设备响应速度非常慢,我们将需要更多时间来纠正您的问题。
  • 问题的严重性:一系列问题,例如大量病毒,恶意软件,将需要更多时间和工作来纠正。
  • 硬件状况:如果您的硬件显示出故障的迹象,则我们可能需要更多时间来纠正问题,因为我们通常必须多次执行同一任务才能使其正常工作。

如果我们的工程师确定问题需要很长时间才能解决,我们建议您将有故障的设备带回我们的总公司,那里我们拥有一系列测试设备以进行进一步的故障排除和维修,并保持合理的费用 。  

When we are done on-site 当我们完成现场工作时

The engineer assigned to your job will collect any amount due for the work completed on-site and provide a Service Report. We accept the following payment modes: 

  • PayNow
  • GrabPay (You can use your Credit Card tagged to your Grab account)
  • Cash 

We regret to inform that personal cheques or credit terms are not accepted. 

An e-invoice will be sent to you via e-mail for your safekeeping at a later time. 


分配给您的工作的工程师将为现场完成的工作收取任何款项,并提供服务报告。 我们接受以下付款方式:

  • PayNow
  • GrabPay (您可以使用标记到Grab帐户的信用卡)
  • 现金



Our Promise to you 我们对您的承诺

We love working with technology and want all our customers to be happy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, please get in touch with us and we will do all we can to make the situation right.

If we have assisted in network or software problems during our visit and if the same issue reoccurs, we will fix it free-of-charge¹ with our 30-days service guarantee.

We offer a 90 days warranty on workmanship for the below items.

  • Hardware we supply carries a 30 days to 12 years Singapore Distributor carry-in warranty depending on the component replaced. 
  • Hardware we have repaired carries a 7-day to 1 year carry-in warranty depending on the component.

¹ No changes must have been made to any configurations or settings that we have previously completed. We reserve the rights to charge for rectification if any of the previously completed configurations or settings have been changed after we have left your premises.



 我们喜欢与技术合作,并希望我们所有的客户都满意。 如果由于任何原因您对我们的服务不满意,请与我们联系,我们将尽一切努力使情况变得正确。



  • 根据所更换的组件,我们提供的硬件享有30天至12年的新加坡分销商随身携带保修。
  • 根据组件的不同,我们维修的硬件具有7天至1年的随身保修。

¹不必对我们之前完成的任何配置或设置进行任何更改。 如果我们在离开您的房屋后对先前完成的任何配置或设置进行了更改,则我们保留收取纠正费用的权利。


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